From the album Dig Up A Good Book


Words and music © 2010 Sue Young

Un libro bueno es un tesoro
mejor que monedas de plata y oro.

Well if you want to have a blast
I know a place you can explore
There’s ancient creatures from the past
Triceratops and stegosaur
Now there’s no telling what you’ll find
If you dig deep – it’s a gold mine
So grab a book and take a peek
If buried treasure’s what you seek


Dig up a good book
It's not very hard to do
Dig up a good book
And you'll learn something new
All you need is curiosity
And to know your abcs
Dig up a good book

Go anywhere you want to go
Be anything you want to be
Take a trip on a UFO
Or dig a tunnel under the sea
You can hide a bone just like a dog
Or burrow down like a hedgehog
Pick up a shovel and a hoe
Plant a seed and watch it grow